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Hi my name is Kimberly Tyler. Thank you for following me. I’m Blessed to be married to Kirk Tyler and a mother to an Amazing Son! On this website you can find some tips on Collecting Old Western Historical item, Horses, and of course ASEA that has changed so many lives! 


 I was born and raised on a ranch in Colorado surrounded by horses and cattle they were just part of every day life. Coming from a family background of history and tradition that all I have to offer is just second nature to me. My Grandfather drove wild horses out of Wyoming to the Denver Union Stockyards then broke the wild horses and sold them to the US Calvary. He was a professional saddle bronc rider, and he was one of the Original members of The Cowboy Turtle Association witch is now The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.


My Grandmother use to tell me about her father who was 7yr old when the infamous gunfight broke out a the OK Corral in Tombstone AZ. While he was helping his dad deliver milk. He later went to work for the US Border Patrol in AZ and had a very prominent building company that built many important building in Southern AZ.  My grandmother was one of the original entrepreneur that started many successful businesses. She took pride in elegance, fashion and helping people building businesses.


My Father played Professional Baseball with the Minnesota Twins. He represented the United States Olympic Team of Exhibition Rodeo at the 1988 Olympics held in Calgary Alberta Canada. He worked for many years with me working with western celebrities in keeping the Old West alive. He is also one of the original founders of the National Bit, Spur and Saddle Collectors Association and is still an avoid collector today.


My Mother is a successful entrepreneur that taught me the important of hard work along with a healthy lifestyle.


I have grown up and collected the Old Western Historical items. I have owned and been involved with many successful businesses. I have trained barrel horses and ran barrel professionally for many years, bought and sold many horses. I have been a very successful horse chiropractor for over 20 yrs worked on and helped immensely some of the top horses of every discipline in this industry. I have also worked closely with some of the top veterinarians in the business. I have collected, bought and sold some of the most extraordinary Historical Old West and Native American pieces.


That is a little about me. I’m so excited to start working with you! Thank you for following me. Please email me because I would Love to find out more about you!

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