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Knowing how much your collection is worth is important. You could save millions of dollars when accruing works of art and or collections. I will guide you in determining your needs and offer preliminary suggestions on how to achieve your goal. On your Old West and Native American collectioins.


Are you distributing items to your children?

How do you ensure that it is fair to everyone?

Considering a charitable donation?

Settling an estate?

Preparing or revising a will?

Are you wanting to downsize your collection?

Do you know what you Really have?

Where to go with your items

Who to Trust

Does your collection have any history or providence on it?

What is the best way to sell what you no longer want, and be confident that you are getting a reasonable value?


Deciding what to keep, what to give away, what to sell and how is difficult and time consuming for most people.


Antiques and fine art can substantially increase the value of your estate, so it’s important to know what they’re worth. Consider the client who thought he had $2000 worth of old west collectibles when in fact he had over $20,000 in his collection.


My services make your job easier. I take the Time and Listen and Respond to any issues and the memories that make it difficult for you to dispense your collection. I spend the time and do the research for the best advice. I established market values, identify sales options and make recommendations. This will enable you to a informed choices – rather than guesses. I will discuss with you, either by telephone, email or a personal visit within 2 hours of DFW. Extra expenses for photography, printing, postage, mileage, ect and other appraisers and experts used will be transferred to you without additional charges. Any expenses incurred by me for long distance travel, accommodations, ect will be directly transferred to you or a per diem charge can be agreed upon.


Set up a scoping engagement today to see how I can help you! I will customize a Perfect scoping engagement package for you!

Accountability Calls

Four weeks of Accountability calls. Each call is 15 minutes. You are on your way to reach your goal! These calls are for any questions or problems that might occur. I'm here for you to optimize your results in reaching your goal.

Strategy Call

Lets get clear on an area you want to focus on! Time to dig deep! Do you have a few questions that you want to pick there brain. Than this is for you! We will scoping engagement gives us 1 hour to talk about everything that you need to move forward and reach your goal.

Discovery Call

What are your goals? What can I help you with? What are your next steps? This scoping engagement gives us 20 minutes to dive in and see how we can work together to get you where you want to go.                                        

"What a incredible experince working with Kimberly. The enthuusiasm, the quality of service and the knowledge is second to none."



"The bottlom line for us is the time saving! She saves hours and hours of work for us. The knowledge where to go with are collection that we had no idea what to do with."

                        The Kinnies


"I just found out that some of my stuff that I inherited is not junk after all. I found out all about it and what I should keep and what I need to sell."

                        Amy Sawyer

                         Phoenix, AZ

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